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by Admin Anoob

Nattuakaran is going to be a household name for most Malayalies in the UK and around the world. In fact it is the requirement of the community to have a common place to visit and buy or sell things and services. The reason is that there are many unique needs we have. Our life style requires special attention though we have already become part of our home away from home. There are consumers and there are entrepreneurs. So we have

We will have two types of vendor members on this Malayali market place; business with particular products and businesses with services. Businesses with products can open their shop on the website with product listing. They can control the inventory and price with ease. The customers will be able to see the closest Nattuakaran stores and order products from them. The businesses that offer services on the other hand can present their company details and contact to be found by the customers. Customers will be able to compare the services and price in a wider world than normal. Private messaging system, email notifications, wish list and subscription for news letters are some other features of Nattukaran.

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