Driving licence in the UK

by Admin Anoob

How to apply for driving licence in the UK.

One of the most important priority for anyone wishing to settle in the UK is to have their full driving licence ready. It is like a passport to freedom in a country like the UK where public transport is limited and is not very suitable for day to day commute. May be you can live without a driving licence, but with one is likely to open up opportunities.

As things stand like that, the steps leading to a full UK license are still intimidating to many new comers. Basically it involves getting a provisional licence, passing the theory test and passing the practical test. When someone reaches the UK from India, they can drive a car without the UK licence if the have an Indian licence. However, as soon as they receive their provisional licence, this relaxation ends and new rules kick in. 

Provisional licence allows you to be a driver in controlled situations like driving practice. You should always be accompanied by an experienced driver or a driving instructor at all times and relevant signs should be displayed while you are driving. Please note that, even sitting in the driving seat can be considered as driving in many occasions.

The next step is to get the theory test passed. First you have to start reading the Highway Code to know the rules and regulations. There are books available or hundreds of apps with free or paid learning materials. Once you are ready to go for the test, you have to book a test from the DVLA website (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency). The form filling is not a big deal. The most important thing is to learn everything well for the test as well as for practical use on the roads. You don't want to break the rules because of ignorance later. The test involves two types of assessment; answering questions and demonstrating the hazard perception ability. The question for answering are to test your memory and knowledge while the hazard perception is to check how fast you will respond to things happening on the road. You have to attend the test at a DVLA test centre where computers are ready for candidates.

The practical test is the most important and crucial step in the whole process. A lot of practice will be useful as it is a long test involving actual driving and answering questions. Everything happens in a very professional way. Many people have commented that candidates freshly trained in the UK pass the test more easily than experienced drivers from India. That is probably because there are unwanted habits developed and established in their driving and they have to unlearn all of it before learning new habits. It is always good to undergo some professional training for passing the test as well as for driving safely.

The following is a YouTube video from Anoop Sudhakhar, a famous vlogger living in the UK. Have a look and see if it helps.  

Basics of company registration in the UK

by Admin Anoob

Are you planning to start a business on your own and make it totally legal in the UK? Probably you want to know more about company registration.

Why do you need a company?

You need to register your business and form a company because you want personal accounts to be separate from the business accounts. 

What is the structure of a company?

The company is like a different entity with its own income life and expenditure life. There are owners (or owner) and officials. The owners are shareholders and the officials are director and company secretary. The shareholders invest money and expect profit while the officials use the money according to the vision of the shareholders, keep record of each penny and lead the company to profit. If you are the only shareholder and you do all the work by yourself, you can be the shareholder, director and company secretary all by yourself. 

How to register a company?

Just go straight to the Government website and start the process. It will cost you £12 and will need an unique name not used by any other company. First you will have to create a Government Gateway ID and start the process. Once application is submitted, the registration will be complete within 24 hours. 

The next step is to register the company for Corporation Tax purpose with HMRC. You can do it at the end of the registration application. The whole process is much easier than the sound of it. Just keep an eye on your email inbox and respond promptly.

How does it work if you list your company with Nattukaran.com?

It depends on what type of company you are. If you sell services, your name will be listed on Nattukaran and we don't have anything to do with the price you charge your customers. Therefore, the accounts will be a matter of your own company. You have to follow the government rules and manage the accounts on your own. But, if you list your products on Nattukaran and sell from this market place using our tools, your account will be part of our accounts.  Therefore, Nattukaran's account will cover your sales and expenditure that happened on the market place. When you draw your profit, your company has to add it to the accounts with your expenditure at Nattukaran (annual fee, commission etc...). If Nattukaran deducted any tax from the sales of your product, your accountant will explain how tax can be claimed back.

ഈ സംരംഭത്തിൽ ചേർന്നു നിങ്ങളുടെ വ്യാപാരം വളർത്തുവാൻ നിങ്ങളെ വിനയപുരസ്സരം സ്വാഗതം ചെയ്യുകയാണ്. ‘List your business’ എന്ന tab ഉപയോഗിച്ചാൽ നിങ്ങൾക്ക് സ്വയം പേരു ചേർക്കാവുന്നതാണ്. 

അടുത്തുള്ള നാട്ടുകാർ

More about Nattukaran

by Vishwas R

Nattuakaran is going to be a household name for most Malayalies in the UK and around the world. In fact it is the requirement of the community to have a common place to visit and buy or sell things and services. The reason is that there are many unique needs we have. Our life style requires special attention though we have already become part of our home away from home. There are consumers and there are entrepreneurs. So we have nattukaran.com

We will have two types of vendor members on this Malayali market place; business with particular products and businesses with services. Businesses with products can open their shop on the website with product listing. They can control the inventory and price with ease. The customers will be able to see the closest Nattuakaran stores and order products from them. The businesses that offer services on the other hand can present their company details and contact to be found by the customers. Customers will be able to compare the services and price in a wider world than normal. Private messaging system, email notifications, wish list and subscription for news letters are some other features of Nattukaran.

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സ്വാഗതം Welcome

by Vishwas R

എല്ലാ യൂകെ മലയാളികൾക്കും സ്വാഗതം

യുകേയിലെ മലയാളി സമൂഹത്തിന്റെ വിവിധ ആവശ്യകതൾക്ക് പരിഹാരം എന്ന നിലയിൽ ഒരു പോതു online market place സ്ഥാപിതമാവുകയാണ്. ഉപഭോക്താവിനു ഉപ്പു മുതൽ കർപ്പൂരം വരെയുള്ള വസ്തുക്കളും എല്ലാത്തരം സേവനങ്ങളും ഒരേ സ്ഥലത്തു കണ്ടെത്താൻ കഴിയുക എന്നതാണ് ഈ സംരംഭത്തിന്റെ ആശയം. ഒരു വ്യാപാരി എന്ന നിലയിലും ഉപഭോക്താവ് എന്ന നിലയിലും ഇത് നിങ്ങൾക്കു വലിയൊരു സൗകര്യം ആകും എന്നു കരുതുന്നു. Mobile app (IOS & android), card payment, PayPal, individual storefront, loyalty point system എന്നിവ നാട്ടുകാരൻ നൽകുന്ന ചില സൗകര്യങ്ങളാണ്.


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